XJ3 Time Relay


XJ3 series phase failure and phase sequence protection
relay is used to provide overvoltage, undervoltage and
phase failure protection in three-phase AC circuits and
phase sequence protection in irreversible transmission
devices and features reliable performance, wide application
and convenient use.
The protector starts to function when it is connected to the
power control circuit in accordance with the drawing.
When the fuse of any phase of the three-phase circuit is
open or when there is a phase failure in the power supply
circuit, the XJ3 operates immediately to control the contact
to cut off the power supply of the AC contactor coil of the
main circuit so that the main contact of the AC contactor
operates to provide the load with phase failure protection.
When the phases of a three-phase irreversible device with
predetermined phase sequence are connected incorrectly
due to maintenance or change of the power supply circuit,
the XJ3 series will identify the phase sequence, stop
supplying power to the power supply circuit and achieve
the goal of protecting the device.

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